Zenithies - Smart applications tailored for you

About us

  • we are a team of developers with more than 14 years worth of experience
  • we create specialized online applications for various industries
  • we do cooperate with companies, entrepreneurs, institutions and charity organizations

What do we do?

  • online applications and custom software
  • webshops, CRM, ERP, management apps
  • contract planning, booking software
  • specialized databases
  • modern web components, PWA

What can we offer?

  • software built according to proven trends
  • with our applications, we minimize the burden of day to day routines
  • we help you expand your enterprise
  • we save your time and costs

Products & Services

ZPE Platform™

It doesn't matter what you need to manage. Orders for your small metal workshop? A big non-profit charity organization? Specialized e-shop with custom-made products? Organize fifty people? Do you need custom ERP/CRM/CMS... With our platform, we can make your life easier.

Resource planning, data overviews, forms, PDF print, Excel export, API connector, bulk mails, payment gateways...

We will tailor the software to your needs in a reasonable time-frame and take care of all necessary maintenance.

With all platform capabilities, in the end, it all comes to three major points - the final product has to be water-tight, intuitive to use, and make your everyday tasks easy.

Are trucks stacking up at the backyard of your company's warehouse?
Can a single delayed truck turn your schedule into havoc?
Is your staff overwhelmed with work early in the morning, but have nothing to do for the rest of the shift?

SpediBook™ time slot management software may be what you need to handle your warehouse gates better and prevent uncomfortable situations.

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Interactive Web Components

From simple tools to pick a date to designers for your handmade products or planning interface tailored for you, we can help.

  • Do you want to offer something special to your customers and make your site more alive?
  • Are you filling in tedious forms where moving just a few boxes would do the trick?
  • Maybe you are full stack developer, who needs to get his task done?

Web chat configurator

You know pop-up windows 'How can I be your assistance.' Most commercial sites these days have it. We can create one for you too, but with this component, you will also have the ability to control it looks to meet your desires.

zpe web chat editor zpe web chat editor zpe web chat editor zpe web chat editor

Resource allocator

Do you need to send out your people to work on ongoing contracts? This little tool can help you a loot. Instant overview of contracts in time and people assigned to it. Simple drag and drop controls and smart hiding of unnecessary data. That's only one example of use.

zpe resource allocato zpe resource allocato zpe resource allocato zpe resource allocator

Data editor

Manager of a tree-like data - categories, menus, whatever needs to be displayed and edited in tree form.

zpe data editor zpe data editor zpe data editor zpe data editor

Gradient generator

Another building block created and used in our various designers, web styling components, wherever the user needs the power to tweak looks.

zpe gradient generator zpe gradient generator zpe gradient generator zpe gradient generator

There is more

All the mentioned components are biggies created from smaller blocks built by us. Date-Time picker, Multiselect, Color Picker, you name it.

PHP - Microsoft CRM: managed connector

Do you need to connect Microsoft CRM web service from PHP, but you've got stuck with connection to it's API? We can provide you with a simple library that will give you access to CRM entities in PHP programmer-friendly way. All necessary operations - data selection, inserts, updates, attachment uploads are at your disposal. Managed connector means, you are using our service as a relay, so we do take care of how it works, connects, and keeps up with the latest CRM updates. All you have to worry about is your business logic.

Our experience is at your disposal

Over the years, we styled and coded quite some creations, synchronized data between various API and databases, simplified toons of workflows, secured websites with high traffic... The full list would be rather long, but all our web app development experience is at your disposal.