PHP - Microsoft CRM: managed connector

Connection of PHP application with Microsoft Dynamics CRM using ADFS or Office365 auth made easy

Managed Connector

Connecting Organization.svc web-service from PHP might be quite tricky at times. When ADFS or Office365 account authentication is involved, it may become a patience challenge.

The first Microsoft Dynamics CRM connection we created was for version 4.0. Shortly 2011 came then 2013, 2015, 2016, and Dynamics 365. All with different authentication flavors IFD, Online, Office365, ADFS.

We wrapped up all years of experience with many different installations of Microsoft CRM into a single managed connector accompanied with easy to use PHP library.

With only elementary programming skills, you will access CRM service quickly and go for:

  • Create, Update and Delete CRM entities
  • Upload Attachments and Documents
  • Add relationships between entities
  • Query data
  • Read list values
  • Read data structure
  • Work with custom entities and fields

You don't have to worry that something is going to break when CRM gets a new update. Connector uses our servers as relays, so the hard part of keeping connection running and up to date with the latest CRM quirks is done by us.

If you are interested, contact us, and we will get you rolling.


You might be facing a more complicated task than direct leads submission from your site into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

We do have experience with CRM integrations in various businesses. From simple web-shops over the precise customer billing monthly notifications to highly specialized maritime software with almost realtime data synchronization.

If you think you can utilize our experience, just let us know.

A typical scenario - Leads import from PHP web-site into Microsoft Dynamics CRM

I can't even count how many times we've been facing this relatively simple task.

You are developing a PHP web-site, and you need to get leads from it directly into your CRM. With our managed connector and code library, it is in terms of code as simple as:

 01:   $leadId = $crm->Create(
 02:       'lead',
 03:       [
 04:           'firstname' => 'John',
 05:           'lastname' => 'Doe',
 06:           'emailaddress1' => ''
 07:       ]
 08:   );

Legacy version for connecting Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 web service with PHP using IFD authentication

It has been almost ten years since Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 was a thing. If you are still running some legacy IFD version of it, and you need to connect it with a PHP application, please, contact us. We do remember how to do it.