Dejme Dětem Šanci o.p.s.

  • Specialized back-office application designed to cover workflows in a non-profit organization
  • Multiple websites connected to the same back-office
  • Small web-shop
  • Strom Splněných Přání - big charity event taking place just before the Christmas, people can full-fill children Christmas wishes in eShop like application

Michaela Chovancová - CEO and founder:

„ On our cooperation, I appreciate the fact that Zenithies team can really understand problems and the specifics of our individual projects. Also, they suggest various solutions and improvements to our workflows. And even when it might be a relatively complex challenge at times, they are capable of explaining the technical detail to us very patiently in language people without an extensive technical background can easily understand.“


  • Data connectors between various systems
  • Interactive web components

Thomas Boogarts - CEO:

„Our company makes websites where we need to synchronize a lot of different data from and to various content management systems, ERP systems, web shops, etc. guys from Zenithies are our trusted partners in building custom API data connectors that fit our needs. We love the dedication and quality we get. They never fail to deliver!“

Flip Connect

  • Data connectors - Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Xero...
  • Billing reporting connector
  • Web components
  • Custom development

Ben Smith - Director of Operations:

„We have been dealing with Zenithies for the last 5 years and have done many custom projects with them over that time. They're always highly skilled, efficient and great value for money. I would highly recommend them to anybody!“